More questions?

What is your fee for a financial consultation?

My financial planning services are provided on a fixed price basis, at a rate of $350 per three months of unlimited financial planning guidance. You also have the option of a single-session consultation for $125.

I offer reduced fees for clients experiencing financial distress. Contact me to discuss my pricing options.

What is your Eliminate Consumer Debt service?

We focus on developing sustainable spending, saving, and budgeting skills to pay down and eliminate your consumer debts.

To accomplish this, we go through the following steps:

  1. Determine your current level of actual spending.
  2. Create spending and saving targets.
  3. Develop spending strategies to meet your targets.
  4. Create a strategy to optimally manage and pay off your debts.
  5. Track your actual spending over time and make adjustments as necessary.

The fee for this service is $350 for 90 days of financial planning guidance. I do not receive compensation from other sources.

What is your Retirement-Readiness service?

Approaching retirement age, people often have similar questions and concerns around their financial future.

I offer a comprehensive analysis of your retirement-readiness that is understandable and unbiased. You will have specific guidance and clarity about your financial security during retirement.

You will learn:

  • When you can afford to retire and how your financial stability would change if you were to work more or fewer years
  • How much you can prudently spend each year and if you may be at risk of outliving your savings
  • How your financial stability would change if you were to experience a significant unplanned expense or investment loss
  • Your appropriate asset allocation and selection of low-cost mutual funds
  • Your optimal Social Security claiming strategy
  • The optimal distribution strategy for your IRA(s)
  • How to consolidate all of your retirement accounts
  • Whether an annuity makes sense, and if so, how to purchase it
  • Whether long-term care insurance makes sense, and if so, how to purchase it

The result is a holistic evaluation and roadmap for your retirement planning. You will have a clear understanding of your financial security and actions you can take to mitigate any identified risks.

The fee for this service is $600 and includes 90 days of follow-up and financial planning. I do not receive compensation from other sources.

What is your Investment Strategy service?

I review all of your investment accounts – retirement and taxable – and provide an unbiased assessment and a strategy to go forward.

Clients are often looking for help and guidance around rationalizing their investments and ensuring their funds are being invested in the most optimal and efficient manner across three different dimensions – taxes, investment fees, and balancing the risk/return trade-offs through the appropriate asset allocation.

I will provide specific and actionable recommendations regarding:

  • Your optimal asset allocation, given your risk profile, income, net worth, and financial goals
  • Your selection of investment assets to ensure you are maximizing returns, minimizing risks, minimizing expenses, and minimizing taxes
  • How best to invest in your 401K, including whether pre-tax or Roth is a better option
  • Conversion of pre-tax retirement accounts into Roth IRAs and the pace at which to do this
  • How to invest additional savings after you’ve maximized contributions to your retirement plan(s)
  • Participation in your employer’s ESPP (employee stock purchase plan), if you have one

The result of this review is that you will have a clear understanding about your investment strategy and a roadmap to move forward. The fee for this service is $350 and includes 90 days of follow-up and financial planning guidance. I do not receive compensation from other sources.

Why are your fees so much lower than others?

I’m committed to consumers who are not well-served by most traditional financial services firms. I minimize my overhead to provide these services at a lower cost. I also offer all of my services on a fixed price basis so clients are clear on the cost. Most importantly, my mission is to level the playing field between Wall Street firms and Main Street clients so I want to make these services accessible to more people.

Do you really provide a complete satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of any of my services, there will be no charge.

Do you offer financial literacy workshops to groups?

Yes, I create and present customized workshops and classes on a range of personal finance topics to students, adult education learners, unions, and corporate employee groups. I have delivered workshops to diverse groups who range from Ivy League MBA students to inmates in correctional facilities and many other audiences. You can learn more details here.

Do you sell financial products or act as a registered investment advisor?

No, I do not. I am not not licensed to sell securities nor registered to be an investment advisor.

I provide financial planning and coaching services, including retirement-readiness analyses and investment reviews. I may recommend various mutual funds and firms but I receive no direct nor indirect compensation from any organization.

What do you do with any documents and other personal information that is provided by clients?

Generally, I work with electronic documents. After any client engagement is completed, documents files are deleted. However, I retain any notes I took and a copy of any client deliverables in case of follow-up questions or requests.