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I'll create a financial roadmap with you, plan your retirement strategy, and provide clear answers for all your personal finance questions.

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I don't sell any products but I'll guide you to low-cost and tax-efficient index funds while minimizing all investment fees.

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You’re not alone. Expensive and complicated advice may be what they offer, but I provide understandable financial planning services for a modest fixed-price.

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I offer clear, unbiased, and wholistic financial planning services for whatever phase of life you’re in:


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About Me

Hello, I’m Jimmy Becker. I began my career on Wall Street as an options trader and understand the financial services industry from the inside out. People are befuddled and bamboozled by the complex, unnecessary, and overpriced offerings from the financial services industry that charges much money for little value.

I level the playing field between Wall Street firms and Main Street clients by offering unbiased, understandable, and affordable financial planning services. I earned an Economics degree from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.