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  • Are you overwhelmed by complex and overpriced offerings from traditional financial advisors?

    You’re not alone. Expensive investment advice may be what they offer, but what you really need are understandable answers to basic financial planning questions that you and many other consumers have.

  • Are you looking for unbiased investment strategy guidance through all phases of life?

    I do not receive fees from any direct or indirect third parties so my commitment is exclusively to my client. I do not take custody of your assets but instead, offer a better approach - guiding you to use low cost mutual funds for your investments.

  • Do you want understandable financial planning services at affordable fixed prices?

    I create a financial roadmap with you, advise you how to invest your 401K, IRA, and other savings, plan your retirement strategy, and provide trustworthy and understandable financial guidance for other questions you may have.


Hello, I’m Jimmy Becker. I began my career on Wall Street as an options arbitrageur and understand the financial services industry from the inside out. People are befuddled and bamboozled by the complex, unnecessary, and overpriced offerings from the financial services industry that charges too much money for too little value.

My mission is to level the playing field between Wall Street firms and Main Street clients by offering on-demand financial planning services that are unbiased, understandable, and affordable. I earned an Economics degree from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

My Services

Financial Planning

Do you need a financial roadmap? We will create one that is actionable, specific, and achievable. It will guide you on how to manage your spending, save for your personal goals, pay off your debts, and put you on a path to financial security.

Investment Review

Do you need an independent and unbiased assessment of your investment portfolio? I will evaluate all your investment accounts, including your 401Ks, and make recommendations for an optimal investment strategy for you based on your financial situation, goals, and risk preferences.

Retirement Readiness

Do you know if you are on track to retire? I offer a comprehensive analysis of your financial readiness to enter retirement, including forecasting future scenarios of how your retirement may unfold, as well as options to mitigate any future risks.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Classes to diverse audiences on all dimensions of personal finance.


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Let’s talk about:

Saving for Retirement

From a local call-in show, you’ll learn when you should start saving for retirement.

Put Your Savings on Autopilot

You’ll learn strategies to consistently save more money.

Is trading stocks a good idea?

A caller asks me if the road to riches is through trading stocks with the Robin Hood app?

Retirement Investing 101

From a workshop I teach, you’ll learn the basics of how to invest your retirement savings.

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What are clients saying?

Jimmy reviewed my current situation with me and patiently walked me through the steps to improve my investment strategy. I had not realized how much money I was wasting in unnecessary fees. I am not financially savvy so I was grateful that he never talked over my head or talked down to me.
Investment Review client
This was the best $500 I ever spent. Jimmy gave me a clear picture of how my retirement will unfold, how to invest my IRA, and the confidence that I am on-track financially.
Retirement-Readiness client
Jimmy's whole approach is very refreshing considering how expensive and extractive the industry is as a whole. I took him up on the one session for $120 and it was worth every penny. There is no time limit so the conversation really was as helpful as possible.
Financial Planning client
I'd been ignoring my finances for years. I appreciated Jimmy's patient and mindful approach to financial planning. He definitely lowered the stress and anxiety I had been feeling.
Financial Planning client
We needed a retirement strategy and projection that made sense to us. Jimmy gave us an achievable path forward and we're very grateful
Retirement Readiness client
Jimmy is gifted in finance and teaching - the perfect combination for a financial coach. He thinks creatively, explains clearly, and understands how stressful money is to most of us. He's by far the best financial planner we've worked with and we now have clarity on our finances.
Financial Planning client