Investment Strategy Review

Clients are often looking for guidance to rationalize their investments and ensure their funds are invested in the most optimal and efficient manner across three dimensions – taxes, fees, and balancing the risk/return trade-offs through the appropriate asset allocation.

I review all of your investment accounts and provide an unbiased assessment and a strategy to go forward. This includes specific and actionable recommendations such as:

  • Determining your optimal asset allocation, given your risk profile, income, net worth, and financial goals
  • Selecting of investment assets to ensure you are maximizing returns, minimizing risks, minimizing expenses, and minimizing taxes
  • Investing in your 401K, including whether pre-tax or Roth is a better option
  • Consolidating various retirement accounts
  • Converting pre-tax retirement accounts into Roth IRAs and the pace at which to do this
  • Investing additional savings if you’ve maximized contributions to your retirement plan(s), including 529 college savings and health care HSAs
  • Participating in your employer’s ESPP (employee stock purchase plan) and stock option plan if you have one
  • Assessing the approach and fees of your financial advisor, if you current engage one

You will have a clear understanding about your investment strategy and a roadmap to move forward.

The fee for this service is $400 and includes 90 days of follow-up and financial planning guidance.

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