Customized classes on a range of personal finance topics

Spending, Saving, and Budgeting

Develops and improves financial literacy and decision-making skills with a focus on budgeting, healthy spending and saving habits, and understanding financial institutions.

Saving for Retirement

Focuses on achieving a financially secure retirement, emphasizing different retirement plan structures, how much to save, healthy savings habits, where to invest, and how to minimize fees.

Financial Planning During Retirement

For anyone retired or planning to do so shortly, it focuses on investing, understanding risk, minimizing investment fees, Social Security, budgeting, annuities, long-term care insurance, and reverse mortgages.

Inflation is back... What can you do about it?

Focuses on what inflation is, when it may subside, and what you can do to ease the burden on your cost of living.

Evaluating and Compensating a Financial Advisor

Provides a roadmap to select, evaluate, and compensate a financial advisor.

Roth IRAs -- A Great Way to Save and You Should Have One

A Roth IRA is a great way to save throughout your working lifetime. You will learn what it is, who qualifies, how to invest your funds, conversions, and other more sophisticated strategies such as “back-door” and “mega-back-door” versions of a Roth IRA.

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