Financial Advisor Assessment

I offer a second opinion assessment of your financial advisor that is understandable, affordable, unbiased, and trustworthy.

From this service, you will specifically learn:

1. How — and how much — you pay your advisor and incur in other expenses

  • Does the fee structure align the advisor’s financial interests with yours?
  • Are the fees reasonable, transparent, and understandable?
  • Are other fees minimized?

 2. If you should trust your advisor

  • Does the advisor act as a fiduciary?
  • Has the advisor had any disciplinary proceedings initiated against her/him?

3. If your advisor has financial expertise

  • Is the advisor’s financial background and training appropriate for your needs?
  • Does the advisor have relevant credentials such as a CFP (certified financial planner)?
  • Can your advisor provide expertise on other personal finance topics such as Social Security, annuities, mortgages, or college financing?

4. If your asset allocation and investment strategy are optimal

  • How does the advisor determine your asset allocation?
  • How does the advisor implement this strategy?
  • Does the advisor minimize your investment taxes and expenses?

The result of this assessment is that you will have a clear understanding about your advisor’s expertise, trustworthiness, and all of the fees and hidden expenses that you may incur.

The fee for this service is $500 and includes an IRA Review. I do not receive compensation or incentives from other sources.

Do you need help in assessing an existing financial advisor or selecting a new one? Get in touch.