Do you want an unbiased second opinion of your financial advisor?

Do you have a financial advisor? And, do you know if your advisor is charging you a reasonable fee, is trustworthy, has the right expertise, and has implemented a sound and successful investment strategy?

I offer a comprehensive evaluation of your financial advisor and provide an objective and unbiased assessment across these dimensions:

1. How — and how much — you pay your advisor

  • Does the fee structure align your financial interests?
  • Are the fees reasonable and transparent?

2. Can you trust your advisor?

  • Does the advisor act as a fiduciary?
  • Has the advisor had any disciplinary proceedings?

3. Does your advisor have financial expertise?

  • Does the advisor have relevant credentials such as a CFP (certified financial planner)?
  • Does your advisor offer expertise on other personal finance topics such as Social Security, annuities, retirement planning, or college financing?

4. Is your asset allocation and investment strategy optimal for you?

  • Does the advisor implement this strategy in a cost-effective manner?
  • Does the advisor compare your performance to a relevant benchmark?
  • How well has the investment strategy performed?

There is a lot to consider when engaging a financial advisor. This assessment will determine whether your advisor offers the services you need, if the fee structure is suitable and reasonable, and importantly, if you can trust your advisor to look out for your best interests. If you decide to make a change with your advisor, the service also includes help with the process of selecting a new advisor and/or negotiating with a new or existing advisor.

The fee is $600 for this service and includes 90 days of follow-up consultations. I do not sell other products or services nor receive compensation from other sources.

Are you ready to assess your financial advisor?