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  • Save Your Money

    What are the best habits to create and sustain healthy saving behaviors? I’ve seen various strategies that range from stellar, to creative, to works in progress. From these experiences, here’s my list of the most effective ways to consistently and successfully save money:

  • Ode To A Roth Retirement

    For most people in most situations, a Roth retirement account is better than a pre-tax 401K or IRA, but keep in mind that either is better than not contributing at all.

  • Teach Your Children Well

    Developing financial literacy in kids is challenging. Given its importance, I have some suggestions for how to create good personal finance habits in our children. They may not appreciate your guidance now, but years later they may look back fondly on your wise counsel. We can only hope.

  • Creating a Budget

    What is the most effective way to spend less and save more? Using a budget is the best tool to manage your spending.

  • The Risky Business of Investing in Stocks and Bonds

    The Risky Business of Investing in Stocks and Bonds

    Everyone wants the upside gains of investing in stocks but without the risks of doing so. That’s understandable but not how it works. In this note, I’ll explain the riskiness of investing in stocks and bonds.

  • Car Talk

    For a typical consumer, leasing a car does not make financial sense compared to buying one. A car lease is designed to befuddle you with complexity and hidden fees that obscure the full ownership cost.

  • Are you in the 4%?

    You may have heard about the 4% rule for retirement spending. It’s a simple but imperfect guide to how much you can safely spend each year during retirement.

  • Should you rent or buy your home?

    Whether to rent or buy your home is one of the eternal personal finance questions. My two cents on this topic may be counter-intuitive to more conventional wisdom you may have heard. Good Reasons To Own Your Home If you can afford to do so, there are compelling non-financial reasons to buy your home instead […]

  • 70 Is The New 62

    What is the best age to claim your Social Security benefits? Most people do so soon after age 62 but, most of us should delay until age 70.

  • Mixing Love and Money

    If dreams were thunder And lightning was desire This old house would’ve burned down a long time ago. John Prine