Approaching retirement age, people often have similar questions and concerns around their financial future.

I offer a comprehensive analysis of your retirement-readiness that is understandable, affordable, unbiased, and trustworthy. You will receive guidance and clarity about your retirement financial security.

I will make specific recommendations regarding:

  • When you can afford to retire and how your financial stability would change if you were to work more or fewer years
  • How much you can prudently spend each year and if you may be at risk of outliving your savings
  • How your financial stability would change if you were to experience a significant expense or investment loss
  • Options and trade-offs to minimize future risks you may face
  • The appropriate asset allocation, assumption about investment returns, and selection of low-cost mutual funds
  • Your optimal Social Security claiming strategy
  • A sensible distribution strategy for your IRA(s)
  • Whether an annuity makes sense, and if so, how to purchase it
  • The trade-offs of long-term care insurance

The result is a holistic evaluation of your financial situation and a roadmap for your retirement planning. You will have a clear understanding of your financial security and actions you can take to mitigate identified risks.

The fee for this service is $500 and includes an IRA Review. I do not receive compensation or incentives from other sources.

If you’d like help analyzing your retirement-readiness, get in touch.