Let’s optimize your investment portfolio

I review all of your investment accounts – retirement and taxable – and provide an assessment that is understandable, unbiased, and trustworthy.

Clients are often looking for help and guidance around rationalizing their investments and ensuring their funds are being invested in the most optimal and efficient manner across three different dimensions – taxes, investment fees, and balancing the risk/return trade-offs through the appropriate asset allocation.

I will provide specific and actionable recommendations regarding:

  • Your optimal asset allocation, given your risk profile, income, net worth, and financial goals
  • Your selection of investment assets to ensure you are maximizing returns, minimizing risks, minimizing expenses, and minimizing taxes
  • How best to invest in your 401K, including whether pre-tax or Roth is a better option
  • Conversion of pre-tax retirement accounts into Roth IRAs and the pace at which to do this
  • How to invest additional savings after you’ve maximized contributions to your retirement plan(s)
  • Participation in your employer’s ESPP (employee stock purchase plan), if you have one

The result of this review is that you will have a clear understanding about your investment strategy and a roadmap to move forward. The fee for this service is $350 and includes 90 days of follow-up and financial planning guidance. I do not receive compensation from other sources.

Do you want an independent assessment of your investment portfolio?