Customized classes on a range of personal finance topics to students, adult education learners, employee groups, and other diverse audiences. I teach the following workshops:

Spending, Saving, and Budgeting

Develops and improves financial literacy and decision-making skills with a focus on
budgeting, creating healthy spending and saving habits, and understanding financial

Saving for Retirement

Focuses on achieving a financially secure retirement, emphasizing different retirement
plan structures, Social Security, how much to save, healthy savings habits, where to
invest, and how to minimize fees.

Financial Planning During Retirement

For anyone retired or planning to do so shortly, it focuses on investing, understanding risk, minimizing investment fees, Social Security, budgeting, annuities, long-term care insurance, and reverse mortgages.

“Finance 101” — Investing Your Retirement Savings

An in-depth understanding of investment strategy, asset allocation, understanding
risk/return trade-offs, and tax optimization for 401Ks and IRAs

The College Financial Aid Process

Explains the key issues around the college financial aid process, including understanding
the cost of college, how to finance it, the FAFSA form, the expected family contribution
calculation, and how much is reasonable to borrow.

Managing Your Debts

Focuses on the best strategies for borrowing money, repaying it, and creating spending strategies to enable you to manage the debt and develop a savings habit.

Evaluating and Compensating a Financial Advisor

Provides a roadmap to select, evaluate, and compensate a financial advisor.

Financial Literacy for College and Graduate Students

Develops financial literacy and decision-making skills for students with a focus on
spending, saving, budgeting, and student loans.

Financial Planning During Retirement

 Retirement Investing 101

Annuities, Reverse Mortgages, and Long-Term Care Insurance

401Ks and IRAs

What are past students saying?

Very valuable and highly recommended… has allowed me to worry less about future possibilities and take some risks.

I am telling all my friends about it.

I would have loved if this was even longer! He wasn’t able to get to all the questions and had so much more to offer that I would have happily committed to a longer session after work hours.

Great stuff; thanks very much, Jimmy.

The depth, pace, style, and organization were perfect.

Right on target.

He’s a great speaker and makes things so simple but most importantly, useful.

The best part was that the speaker made me feel comfortable and encouraged us to ask questions whenever we had one. It could be improved by either making it longer or into two parts.