Financial Coaching and Planning

I offer expert financial coaching that is understandable, affordable, unbiased, and trustworthy. My planning process encourages you to take a mindful approach to your finances, being non-judgmental and focusing on the present, rather than looking back.

My services include:

  • Spending, saving, and budgeting – developing wholistic and sustainable financial behaviors to ensure you achieve your financial goals
  • Retirement planning — projecting out future spending scenarios, rolling over and combining 401K and IRA retirement accounts, timing conversions from Traditional to Roth IRAs, determining if annuities make sense
  • Investment guidance – determining your risk tolerance and asset allocation, including use of tax-free bonds, low-cost mutual funds, selecting appropriate investments for retirement accounts, and minimizing investment expenses
  • Financing college and graduate school – determining an affordable level of student loans, understanding income-dependent repayment plans, and moving forward with an optimal repayment strategy
  • Mixing love and money – when romance merges with finance, there may be a lot to discuss and a framework for partners to consider these issues can be helpful
  • Divorce-related financial planningdeveloping financial literacy during and after divorce, both to ensure a fair settlement during the divorce and to provide guidance in adjusting to new financial realities after it is completed

The fee is either $100 per hour, with no minimum commitment or a fixed-price retainer basis. I do not sell other products or services nor receive compensation or incentives from other sources.

I also create customized workshops on different dimensions of financial decision-making to audiences of all ages, including employee groups, adult education learners, and students.

If you’d like to learn more about my financial coaching services, get in touch.